Optimized Railcar Repair Billing

Powered by the industry leader in rail data and managed by a team with deep industry expertise, CarLogix offers best-in-class car repair billing software for car owners and repair parties.


Accurate Railcar Repair Billing

Whether you're a repair shop creating invoices or a car owner receiving them, CarLogix automatically audits billing and ensures accuracy.

  • Reduce hours spent referencing rule manuals and auditing each line item
  • Take advantage of automatic  exception letter creation that can be reviewed and emailed with one click.


Eliminate CRB Errors & Automate Submissions

Errors in railcar repair billing can create days of extra labor managing exceptions, rebuttal billing and industry filing. As a complete maintenance management system, CarLogix eliminates these costly mistakes and inefficiencies, ensures industry rule compliance, and reduces costs.

  • Ensure accurate recording with guided repair entry and rule-based search options
  • Reduce CRB data exchange rejections with automated pricing and validation
  • Eliminate repetitive tasks with automated updates to industry health alerts and Umler®
  • Automated file submission and reporting

CarLogix’s integration services eliminate the effort spent on industry rule updates by powering your asset management software with data, industry knowledge, and automation.

TransmetriQ-Managed Data

  • Always up-to-date with the latest industry requirements, CarLogix ensures your CRB operations are not impacted or delayed when AAR rules change
  • Supporting data for job code searching, associated repair identification and more ensures your team bills for repairs accurately and easily
  • With real-time pricing and validation, your team will reduce time spent managing errors or exceptions

Automated Alert Updates

  • Saves valuable time by automatically recognizing and closing alerts based on repairs billed

Simplified Car Repair Billing

  • Guided repair entry and rule-based search options simplify recording
  • Supports both AAR and custom pricing

Automated Back Office Processes

  • Automatically updates industry alerts and Umler®
  • Provides electronic accounts receivable summaries
  • Generates graphical, analytical and historical maintenance reports

A user friendly Multi-Level Pool Billing (MLPB) system that ensures easy, accurate billing for billers and car owners.

With automatic entry validation and submission to the MLPB data exchange, your team will streamline billing and ensure
industry rule compliance.

By managing repairs you're billed for and providing visibility into maintenance, CarLogix makes managing auto rack maintenance easy.

Streamline Reporting & Billing

  • Save time spent entering pre-trip inspections and other common repairs with the quick entry interface
  • Enter repairs for multiple cars in one step
  • Reduce the time needed for invoicing at end of month with automated invoice accuracy validations, file generation, and submission to MLPB data exchange

Easily Maintain Custom Pricing

CarLogix provides an easy to maintain custom pricing model that calculates both labor and material costs using the time allowed for a repair and inventory items used.

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