Mika Majapuro

VP, TransmetriQ Product Management

TransmetriQ is led by Mika Majapuro, an experienced technology executive with over 15 years of experience in product management and corporate strategy. 

Under Majapuro's leadership, the TransmetriQ organization has evolved from being a data provider to a leading provider of rail insights and hosted software solutions. 


Danny Dever

Sr. Product Manager, Shipments & Visibility

With over 20 years of experience in the transportation industry, Dever has intimate knowledge of what it takes to create successful transportation businesses.

As the product manager for TransmetriQ's shipment management and tracing solutions, Dever helps deliver rail supply chain visibility and insights.


Gregg Phillips

Product Manager, Asset Management

Specializing in programming and data analysis, Phillips is the product manager for TransmetriQ's Asset Management solutions. 

Phillips combines knowledge of the transportation industry with cutting-edge technology to distill insights from big datasets. Recently, Phillips' team launched an Ai-driven rail wheelset prediction. 


Robin McFalls

Product Manager, CarLogix

McFalls is the product manager for CarLogix maintenance optimization solutions. 

McFalls has developed repair management applications for railroads and other companies for over twenty years and is an expert in railcar repair billing and software development.


Jeremiah Smith

Sr. User Experience Designer

As a user experience designer, Smith ensures TransmetriQ products are intuitive, useful and usable.

Utilizing deep understanding of customer needs, Smith designs the look, feel and function of every aspect of a customer's interaction with TransmetriQ products.

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Chad Hanna

Manager, Solutions Engineering & Support

Chad Hanna is a seasoned professional specializing in product support management, solutions engineering, and strategic partnerships. Hanna leads initiatives to enhance customer experience and drive employee development. Hanna spearheads support policies, fosters strategic partnerships, and ensures alignment with industry needs.