eBOL: Electronic Shipping Instructions

Create and send valid shipping instructions quickly with eBOL

Accurate Shipping Instructions

When you’re managing hundreds or thousands of shipments each month, accurate, efficient shipping instructions are critical. Rework can take hours, or worse, delay your shipments.

TransmetriQ eBOL helps you enter and submit required information, enabling you to create and send valid shipping instructions, quickly.

TransmetriQ FAQs
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Guided Shipment Instruction Entry
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Customs & Carta Porte Support
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Validation Against Industry Data
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Automatic BOL Submission
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Quick-Create Shipping Patterns

Save Time with Quick-Create Shipping Patterns & Integrated Industry Data

  • Easily select shipment parties by searching the integrated CIF list or inputting the company’s name or street address
  • Create routing information using the direct integration to the Rail Service Finder for origin and destination data
  • Quick-select carriers and commodities via a searchable drop-down
  • Include equipment, customs, handling information, and other data via fillable forms
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