Demurrage Management

Avoid demurrage fees with better rail visibility from TransmetriQ

Take Control of Fees

Managing free days and yard status across locations with different rules can be challenging. With the Demurrage tool from TransmetriQ, you can understand pipeline at a glance, including:

  • Cars in serving yard
  • Cars en-route
  • Terminal capacity
  • Demurrage clock status
  • and more
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Automated Demurrage Estimates

Understand what you might owe quickly with the automated demurrage calculator and take action on cars running out of free time. 

Easily download demurrage estimates as an excel or CSV file.

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Customizable dashboards
Terminal-Specific Dashboards
Map visualization
Near-Real Time Track and Trace
Alerting & exception
Configurable Alerting
Enhanced shipment history
Automated Fee Estimates
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Easy Invoice Auditing
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Downloadable Reports

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  • Avoid fees with near-real time pipeline visibility
  • Identify & act on cars accruing demurrage
  • Easily audit charges with downloadable demurrage estimates