Reporting & Analytics

Powerful reporting at the intersection of movement, repair, and lease data.

Whether you need to develop visibility reports, track KPIs or capture strategic insights, TransmetriQ’s flexible reporting application can help.

Smarter Rail Shipping,

Better Visibility

  • On-Demand Access to Your KPIs: Leverage 24/7 on-demand access to your reports. Filter, manipulate, and visualize without waiting for a provider to make updates.
  • Centralize Reporting & Eliminate Data Silos: Easily integrate data from your ERP and rail operations in one intuitive interface.
  • Track big picture KPIs or drill down into specific operations utilizing real-time and historical data.

  • Personalize Reporting for Each Business Unit: Build reports specific to your team's needs with easy sharing and downloading.

Analytics Cycle Time and Dwell-1

Reduce Repair Costs and Identify Bad Actors 

What drives the majority of your repair spend? Which leased assets perform the best? Answering these questions requires integrating large datasets from many sources. That's why TransmetriQ provides done-for-you reporting:

  • Understand fleet repair trends
  • Identify bad actors
  • Produce ad-valorem tax requirements
  • Track leased asset mileage
  • And more

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