Consolidated Fleet Health Insights

Status, location, and upcoming needs for every car.

Everything You Need to Know About Your Fleet; One Dashboard

High repair costs. Weeks spent out of service for repairs. It's easy to feel like railcar repair and maintenance is out of your control. With 24/7, near-real time. health visibility from TransmetriQ, you can identify and address health concerns before they become disruptions. Understand upcoming needs and plan to address cars when and where it works for you.

rail asset health dashboard
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Umler® tank qualification & ABT dates
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EHMS Alerts
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Damaged and Defective Car Tracking
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Equipment Advisories
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Priority Level & Custom Tags

Take Control of Maintenance & Repairs 

TransmetriQ brings you the visibility you need to proactively and reactively manage fleet health and repairs, improving fleet uptime and enabling you to take control of repair costs.

  • Easily identify open EHMS alerts, Equipment Advisories, and cars with DDCT incidents
  • Identify overdue air brake tests and cars in conflict with Umler®
  • Build custom dashboards to assess overall fleet status or drill down to individual car
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